Holmes and McGrath, Inc. is a land surveying and civil engineering firm with offices in Falmouth MA. The firm has a goal of providing excellent civil engineering and land surveying services to the public. The Holmes and McGrath team of long term employees combine a varied skill set that provides an efficient, experienced approach to every project. Our knowledge of current and previous regulations allows us to expertly navigate through the logistical maze of permitting requirements. The overlap of capabilities we offer in each distinct profession make Holmes and McGrath an outstanding firm in the industry.

The design of man’s activities relies on the practice of engineering and land surveying. The two practices are intertwined. In every case, the design of physical improvements is limited by technical constraints such as minimum setbacks from environmentally sensitive areas or increased performance standards due to environmental factors. We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the regulatory and technical constraints and limitations. Good civil engineering design must rely on a good survey of existing conditions. At Holmes and McGrath, Inc., we offer both expertise in land surveying and civil engineering. Our individual employees are knowledgeable in both and have an expertise in either of the professions.

Holmes and McGrath, through affiliated firms, designs and operates RUCKTM residential and large-scale wastewater treatment systems. Our Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators operate many different wastewater treatment systems, both residential and commercial. The systems range in size from single-family residential systems of 220 gallons per day to systems having a capacity of 45,000 gallons per day.
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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the design of physical improvements in the environment, the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and the design of drainage facilities.

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Land Surveying

Land surveyors are experts in measurement and are specially qualified to determine the location of boundaries on the ground.

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Environmental Permitting

Holmes and McGrath, Inc. provides a full scope of professional environmental services at local, county, state and federal levels.

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Wastewater Treatment Operations

Our operators have a significant and experienced approach to the operation of wastewater treatment systems.


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